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China’s economy growth has
witnessed remarkable boosting in
the new century. A number of
Canadian businesses deluge into
the promising China market.

You have noticed an increasing
number of Canadian companies
engage in stabilizing their positions
by taking as many market shares
as possible in China, like some
large corporations, and even your
competitors. Are you still lagging
there? Since you have no idea
about how to buy or sell products
in China. Does even a scout
business trip to China frustrate you? 

What kind of people you should meet? How could you reach them? Or which area is better to explore your business opportunities? Our “China Gateway Program” is just right for you.

This efficient program demonstrates an ultimate solution for your breakthrough of the great Chinese business world to succeed. Upon the program, we do not only provide the marketing research consultation, but also operate sourcing and purchasing on your behalf and specialize the feasible solution for your first business trip to China.

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